Career Assessment Tool


Inspiro, in partnership with CareerLeader©, a global leader in the Career Coaching Industry, presents you with the unique opportunity of undergoing an effective web-based self- assessment tool based on 20 years of research. Using CareerLeader© would:
  • Help in bringing clearer vision to your career dreams in these challenging economic times
  • Provide you with expert assessments of your unique pattern of business- relevant interests, values and abilities using three tests
  • Integrate your results, recommending specific career paths from a robust listing of 33 major business career paths and many more job roles including information about the interests, rewards and abilities associated with each one
  • Rates your entrepreneurial attributes
  • Helps you understand key elements of corporate culture and how you will fit in with each and use this in making choices about where to work
  • Help you recognize and cure your ‘Achilles Heels’ (weaknesses)
  • Provide basic steps to take in utilizing your assessment results in repositioning your career and simple steps towards an effective job search
  • Provide you with a rating of your capabilities against a set of key leadership skills
  • Provide you with loads of additional information that can enhance your career experience
  • CareerLeader© has been used by individuals and over 400 leading business schools and corporations worldwide. It is a fully integrated approach to business career self assessment developed by Dr Timothy Butler, Director of MBA Career Development Programs (Harvard Business School) and Dr James Waldroop, Dr Butler’s associate at Harvard Business School for 18 years. Extensive research comparing CareerLeader© assessment results across dozens of different nationalities of people reveals that interest in business greatly outweighs cultural heritage. National culture accounted for only 1.5% of the variance in client interests among a sample of 60,000 business professionals and students. This means that no matter where users are from or what their educational or professional background is, CareerLeader© is suitable to help guide their career in business.

    Career Assessment (Career Development Package):

    It has been realised that a person's Career is their greatest opportunity to make impact, have influence and generate income. In other words, our careers largely determine how we are recognized, how we are rewarded and how we will be remembered long after we are gone. A person's Career is their greatest opportunity to make impact, have influence and generate income. The Career Discovery Package in partnership with CareerLeader has been designed to:

  • Match an individual to specific business-related careers from 33 identifiable career families
  • Provide expert assessments of one's unique pattern of business-relevant interests, motivators and skills
  • Help one understand what organizational cultures will be the best fit for them.
  • Once the tool has been used, a career coach/counselor will conduct a 30 minute telephone debrief with the user of the tool on steps they can take using the results from the assessment.


  • Once payment is made, an online account will be created for you.
  • An email will be sent to you through which you then access the assessment tool.
  • Once the assessment is completed, a report will be automatically generated for you
  • Send us a mail once you are through to to initiate the scheduling of your telephone/skype counseling session
  • A counselor will contact you to confirm the 30 minutes counseling session
  • Inspiro Consulting guarantees the privacy of all your details and will never release, sell or redistribute them.