Resume Review Service


Winning resumes set you apart from other potential applicants. Our affordable resume review service is all you need to get that edge in your job search. Don't allow your competition win the spot for YOUR interview. Make sure your resume is sparkling with confidence and your experience, contributions, and accomplishments outshine everyone else. With Inspiro’s resume review service, successfully help yourself obtain an effective resume and get it working for you! We will offer our services to help you note your strengths and point out your weaknesses in your career documents. ONCE INSPIRO POSITIONS YOU AS THE BEST CHOICE, YOUR INVITATIONS FOR INTERVIEW WILL INCREASE TREMENDOUSLY!


  • Step 1: Initial order
  • Send us an email with your contact details and current CV (info @ with the subject RESUME REVIEW or call us on +234-070433330 (41, 42, 43). You will get an email/SMS providing details of service cost (based on number of years of experience) and our bank details.

  • Step 2: Order confirmation, CV writing and information gathering
  • Payment is requested into our designated account, after which you will send us an email using our Contact Us or SMS with the deposit slip number; Upon receipt of payment clearing, we will send you an email/SMS notification confirming your payment and begin work on your new CV immediately. At this point, we might need to gather more information to help make your CV as accurate as possible. Entry level clients might be required to complete our questionnaire if they do not have a current CV

  • Step 3: Review and finalise
  • Receive the 1st draft of your new CV. Complete a review of the first draft with your CV Consultant by email / phone to make final adjustments before your final draft is completed and sent to you. Inspiro Consulting guarantees the privacy of all your details and will never release, sell or redistribute them.