Career Discovery Package (CDP)


A person’s Career is their greatest opportunity to make impact, have influence and generate income. In other words, our careers largely determine how we are recognized, how we are rewarded and how we will be remembered long after we are gone. Unfortunately, many people live out a career that is not the best one they could have had. This challenge essentially stems from the fact that they never come to an awareness of their best-fit career path based on an understanding of their core interests, motivators, personality type and innate skills. This package is a two-part solution that helps people identify their unique attributes which naturally position them for Career Success.

Programme Overview

Delivered in partnership with CareerLeader, a global leader in coaching solutions, the 100% online assessment tool, based on over 18 years of research, was developed by two Harvard University professors and has been used extensively by over 200,000 working professionals in several countries including Nigeria. CareerLeader is a fully integrated approach to business career self-assessment built on the premise that one's interests, motivators and skills will drive their future career success and satisfaction. Based on over 50 collective years of scientific research and career development experience, CareerLeader has been designed to:
  • Match an individual to specific business-related careers from 33 identifiable career families
  • Provide expert assessments of one's unique pattern of business-relevant interests, motivators and skills
  • Help one understand what organizational cultures will be the best fit for them
  • Once the tool has been used, a career coach/counselor will conduct a 30 minute telephone debrief with the user of the tool on steps they can take using the results from the assessment.

    How it works

    Once payment is made, an online account will be created for you.
  • An email will be sent to you through which you then access the assessment tool.
  • Once the assessment is completed, a report will be automatically generated for you
  • Send us a mail once you are through to info(@) to initiate the scheduling of your telephone/skype counseling session
  • A counselor will contact you to confirm the 30Minutes counseling session
  • Programme Details:

    Unit Cost: N11,250 (30% discount of the original price) Account Details: Skye Bank, Inspiro Consulting, 1771121616 For More Info, kindly contact us on 07043333041 or send a mail to: info(@)